A Guide to the Auction House.

On /ah, there are numerous buttons that do various functions. For a quick explanation of what each button does, see this.

When you hover over an item, you can see:

  1. Any enchantments the object might have

  2. The cost

  3. The person selling it

  4. When it expires

Selling Your Items

Hold the item you want to sell and then type: /ah sell [price} [# of items]

Items listed for auction remain there for a total of two days. The item will be placed in "Expire Items" the chest in the bottom left of the /ah, if no one purchases it before that period of time has passed.

Buying Items From Players

All you have to do to make a purchase on the /ah is click the item you want, then click the green side to confirm the purchase. You always have the option to click the red side and back out of the transaction if you change your mind.

When you buy something, the money is deducted from your /balance and the item is added to the auction house's "Bought Items" section. Do /ah and click the ender chest in the bottom left corner next to the "Expire Items" chest to access this. Simply click the item you just bought, making sure there is room in your inventory, and it will be added!

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